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Coronavirus Update

Updated: Oct 22, 2020


Booking Precautions

If you are suffering from respiratory symptoms however mild, such as a cough, difficulty breathing or fever and/or have recently returned from a high risk area or been in contact with someone recovering from coronavirus, please do not attend the clinic for your appointment. Do not book if someone in your household need to self-isolate.

Please see NHS isolation guidelines This could mean avoiding treatments for seven days from the first day of any symptoms if you live alone or 14 days if you live with other people. It also means not booking after travelling to countries what require self-isolation on return.

No cancellation charges will be applied for late cancellations in relation to the virus. Do get in touch as soon as possible if you are not feeling 100%, your treatment can then be postponed for a later date and your slot offered to someone else.

Strict hygiene standards have always been in place however, this has been increased in all areas due to the virus. All areas are cleaned and thoroughly disinfected so that you feel safe and comfortable at all times. The following policies have been implemented and your understanding is requested at this time. I have completed and passed a Covid-19 safety course based on CPD-accredited courses. (Beauty Guild) This included transmission, prevention and best hygiene practices for Covid-19.

Please thoroughly read the following:

Before you attend your treatment

No walk-ins are being taken.

  • Pre-book your treatments using the website,

  • If you have a voucher - call to make your appointment.

  • If you cannot use the online system, call or text as card payments are available, bank transfer and PayPal.

  • Please come alone without guests or children.

  • There is no longer any parking on the driveway, please use the car park across the road. approx £1 an hour

  • Please use the back entrance to access the clinic which is located to the right of the front door.

On arrival

  • Please text to let me know that you have arrived, then make your way around to the back once I have responded. If there is any delay this will be due to cleaning the room for your treatment.

  • Please wear a mask when you attend, otherwise masks are available for you. If you are exempt, please let me know when you book your treatment.

  • You can remove your mask when lying face down during a massage and for facial treatments.

  • Sanitising gel will be offered to sanitise your hands on entering the clinic.

  • You can check-in using the NHS Track & Trace app (in line with government guidelines) by scanning Perfect Hands unique QR code.

  • Your temperature will also be checked on arrival.

  • A Covid -19 Liability Form will be completed during your consultation.

  • Please come on time for your treatment - not early or late as there is no waiting area.

  • Do not bring in any belongings with you, just essentials.

How I can help you

  • I will not work if someone in my household needs to self-isolate.

  • I will be wearing PPE consisting of a face mask, visor, plastic apron and gloves all of which will either be disinfected and or replaced for each client:

- Visor - disinfected

- Face mask, plastic apron, gloves - replaced

  • After each client:

- I will air the room

- thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces/products used

- remove used towels/bed-roll

- make up the bed for the next client using fresh towels.

  • There will be no leaflets, brochures etc - these can be accessed online.

  • Towelling couch covers have been removed, the bed is covered with a wipeable plastic cover and towels/bed-roll for your personal use.

  • Water can be offered to you, however in a plastic cups.

It is hoped that the above measures go some way to allay your natural anxieties about returning for your treatments at Perfect Hands.

Please remember it is YOUR treatment if you have any concerns, please get in touch. Thank you for your trust and ongoing support.

Updated 22 October 2020

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