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Spring Clean Your Body

It's Spring and soon a lot of flesh will be on display. A wonderful way to give your skin a boost to prepare for that is dry body brushing. As the name suggests, there is no need any oils just a natural bristle body brush, short or long handled. The technique is super easy too, just long strokes with a bit of pressure. It improves the texture of the skin, by buffing away dead skin cells, encourages lymphatic drainage and improves circulation.

#1. Benefits This great treatment is highly effective for both men and women.

- It improves circulation

- Exfoliates the skin

- Boosts circulation,

- Reduces the appearance of cellulite

- Improves lymphatic drainage

- Increases the release of toxins in

- Promotes tighter skin

- Encourages cell regeneration.

The treatment bring fresh blood to the skin's surface makes the appearance of cellulite less obvious. It can help prevent ingrowing hairs by getting rid of the dead skin cells that can trap hair under the skin. The skin becomes smoother, less dry patches and flaky skin. Five minutes brushing your skin should be enough for silky smooth skin.

#2. Frequency As long as it is not causing irritation, body brushing can be done daily. Those with eczema, psoriasis or other sensitive skin conditions should avoid body brushing. The affected areas can become red and sore. The brush will need washing at least a couple times per month to keep it fresh.

#3. When and How It is not necessary to shower before or after you body brush unless you want to incorporate it into your routine. In the morning is often a good time because it is invigorating it helps to wake you up! The best brushes are the long handled types, easier to reach the back of the body.

#4. Instructions Follow the chart below.

Happy Brushing!

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